The Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts School offers regular courses (classes) in Northern Thailand for those who want to spend some time training here at the school.

The duration of any of the regular courses taught at the school is one month. We accept a maximum of ten students per course.

Our courses start on the first day of the month, finishing on the 30th. Weekly Training Courses are also available, beginning every Monday morning and ending on Saturday afternoon. Each training day consist of five and half hours of hard training (9am-12pm / 3:30pm to 6pm).

To learn more about which specific Training Courses are available, please check the calendar.

Below you will find a description of the different courses and their training curriculum to help you identify the one most suited to you.

All the Courses are designed with a strong emphasis on meditation, breathing, warrior yoga and bio-mechanics, using the energetic principles of the Five Elements: Earth (Structure), Water (Stickiness), Air (Footwork), Fire (Attacks) and Ether (Mind). 


Access to courses is limited to just 10 students per month, to ensure quality of instruction and adequate attention to each students needs.

Our Rates are : 
Bt 20,000 per month / Bt 8,000 per week. Payments can only be made in cash.

Before you arrive please send us an email with the dates of your arrival. and for how long you will be training.


The training is an introduction to the Muay Thai Sangha Internal Arts, and to the art of Thai Weapons. The training will provide the student with a solid understanding of the five energetic elements, footwork and body mechanics; The classes also include Meditation and Yoga as a way of balance our bodies. 

The Krabi Krabong Thai Weapons (Morning Training) includes:

The Inner Martial Arts (Evening Training) includes: