The Muay Thai Sangha Training Program has included in all its courses, a variety of Vedic healing methods to improve the fighting arts training from the inner core. We have selected specific subjects to counter balance the hardness of our external methods. This kind of training is almost lost within the fighting arts, but is extremely important if we want to develop our skills further. The training is based on understanding how to use force, and how to deal with pressure on a completely different level.

The four main subjects that we have included in the fighting arts training are Muay Thai Boran Biomechanics (Sacred Geometric Principles), Warrior Yoga, Martial Breathing and Meditation. Because we live the way we train, all our concepts are directed to the achievement of an optimum balance in our everyday lives. 


The teachings of our school follow the natural concepts of restoring or maintaining balance under differing degrees of pressure.

Our method teaches a strategy based on the interaction of the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Ether). The training emphasises feeling an opponent’s energy and learning how to absorb or deflect their force.

These body mechanics are rooted in the ancient principles of warfare and have been further developed by Kru Pedro Solana, as the next level to his Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts Curriculum.


Within the training, we have included certain Warrior Yoga movements based on our fighting principles to improve our balance, flexibility and coordination. All the asanas find their origin in South Indian Siddha Martial Arts, and the routines can be practiced with or without weapons for self-defense or self-healing purposes.


The Breathing Exercises practiced in the Muay Thai Sangha School are related to yogic disciplines with their origins in ancient India. “Prana” is the vital energy in the body which is responsible for our life force, and “ayama” means control, so “Pranayama” is literally to “Control the Breath”

Our training uses different Martial Breathing patterns based in extending, holding or drawing out the breath. The practice follows the principles of the Five Elements theory. If we want to improve our performance under pressure we must correctly apply these breathing patterns.


The term meditation refers to the practice of training the mind to observe what is in the present moment. 

In the Muay Thai Sangha School, meditation training is separated into seven steps, each step will help us to deepen our meditative experience, and raise our vibrational state. The effect of the meditation varies from student to student and will awaken different perceptions according to each individual’s quality. By deepening our meditation we may achieve stillness of mind, unlock our inner potential and unused ability.

There are a variety of meditation methods that are taught according to the experience and background of different teachers. We believe that proper guidance can help to clarify our practice, so having an experienced teacher will aid in the process of acknowledging, and dealing with emotions, thoughts and sensations that may arise within the practice.