The Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts School is committed to promote a Progressive Self Defense System based on Thai Martial Arts. For over fifteen years the school has been located in Chiang Mai, North Thailand and has maintained world-class standards for students who want to develop their combat abilities.


Founder of Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts

His ability to see beyond physical movement, and to sense human feelings have enabled him to provide guidance to dedicated martial artists from around the world. Kru Pedro has devoted his entire life to the path of self development through the Thai martial arts, making him a unique teacher and mentor. His unorthodox approach to the transmission of the fighting arts have made him a controversial figure in Thailand.




In Mae Taeng just north of Chiang Mai
The school is located in the heart of northern Thailand, only 40 minutes north of Chiang Mai in the village of Mae Taeng. We have close relations with the local business owners and can provide further information on both our location and lodging options. Launch Map